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We will be transparent and accountable for every second and cent that is invested on us”….

Strategic goals

            The overall strategic goal is to raise funds and resources that support humanitarian activities in Ethiopia, Diaspora and the rest of the world by developing strategic partnership with honorable public and private institutions.

Brief history

            Ethiopia 2000 Project is the brain child of the Imperial Solomonic Foundation, Ltd. drdicated to serve the emerging needs of the people of Ethiopia in the 21st Century.  It has a wide support of public and private institutions dedicated to serve and meet the challenges and opportunities of Ethiopia in the new millennium.  The organization was established in March 2000 and since then had made a needs assessment and consultation mission to Ethiopia, Europe and extensively in the Metropolitan Washington, DC, the Utah, Arizona, Denver Colorado regions of the United States.  Professional associations, Chambers of Commerce and inter-faith institutions as well as the Chivalric Communities are the main partners and stakeholders of this noble and charitable venture.

Type of services provided

            The Foundation is dedicated to raise resources via honorable and sustainable marketing and fund raising strategies to assist in Ethiopia’s emerging short and long-term needs.  At present the Foundation is assisting in the development of a viable Emergency Medical Services in association with the Autocephalic Orthodox Church and the Redeem the Children - Ethiopia non-profit organization.   Additionally, the Foundation is involved in grass roots support and development of viable projects in Ethiopia led by the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Catholic charities rural development projects and Lutheran Church Street Ministries in Addis Ababa and the People to People Orphans Project and HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaigns.

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