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Hamle 8, 1985

(The Lion of Judah)


Ever since we were anointed as the Imperial Crown Prince of Ethiopia, along side with our father the August Emperor Haile Selassie I, we have served our people and country with dignity and honor.

Our role is to protect the unity of the people and the sovereignty of our country, as well as the development and prosperity of all our people.

Therefore, there is no existence or life separate from our people. The people's problem is ours and we share their death and dignity.

Our desire and wish is to see peace and prosperity for our people.

Although we have not been amongst our people for the known too well enough reason, we have always been with our people in spirit and our constant efforts. We have shared the challenges of our people in exile.

We have now decided to live among our people and share their troubles, joy and challenges. It is important to keep the morale of the people high, and to renew their unity towards building a better future for the country.

Our desire is to serve our people as long as the Lord gives us time and to pass on the heritage, culture, honor and dignity to the next generation and pass on the transitional bridge for the future.

To ensure that this sacred duty is completed, we have found it necessary to involve the Imperial Royal Houses and patriotic Ethiopian citizens and friends of Ethiopia in this noble destiny.

We have instructed the following members of the Imperial Royal Family to take up key roles alongside patriotic Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to work along with our beloved Son Crown Prince Zere Yacobe Asfa Wossen Haile Selassie.

1. Prince Bekere Fikre Selassie, the Imperial Viceroy

2. Prince Bede Maniam Makonnen, Executive Chief of the Imperial Internal Affairs.

3. Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie, Chair of the Imperial Crown Council.

4. Lij Yohannes Mengesha, Executive Chief of the Imperial External Affairs.

5. Doctor Asfwa Wossen Asrat, Executive Chief of Imperial Constitutional Affairs.

6. Princess Sifrash Amha Selassie, Board Chairperson of HIM Haile Selassie Foundation.

7. Princess Mehret Fikre Selaisse, CEO/President of HIM Haile Selassie Foundation.

We hope and pray that the Imperial Royal Houses, patriotic Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia will work together to make this noble, sacred transition and service of our people a reality for coming generations.


(The above document is the true translation of the document displayed in the book "Ethiopia Reaches Her Hand unto God" by Gregory Copley and displayed on the web pages of the "Imperial Crown Council".)

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