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Project Definition

Beneficiaries of this activities

            The beneficiaries are vulnerable people who are need of spiritual, emotional, psychological  physical support via competent technical and material partnership at home and in Diaspora.

            The stake holders and beneficiaries are the people of Ethiopia and friends of Ethiopian people at home and in Diaspora who support self sustaining projects and institutions by providing technical assistance, human resource development, capital and managerial competency training by developing appropriate contacts with similar institutions here in the United States of America and other parts of the world.

Geographic area

            The geographic areas involved wherever Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians live  at home in the Horn of Africa and in Diaspora who are internally and externally displaced around the world.  Besides Africa, Middle East and Europe, The United States is home to some one million Ethiopians scattered allover the 51 states including the Washington DC area.  The main focus will be to support Ethiopians in crisis at home in the Horn of Africa and in the Diaspora.

The Challenges and opportunities among the target community

            The target community are the people of Ethiopia who are internally and externally displaced due to the man made and environmental crisis that has been raging in the country since 1974 when the late Emperor Haile Sellassie and his two sets of cabinet were illegally disposed and massacred by the communist military junta.

            Since 1991, Ethiopia remains to be in transition as the new order is trying to cope with years of command economy led centralized government that disenfranchised the majority of the population who have in effect lost the spirit of free enterprise and sustainable development that once was the whole mark of these noble people of the covenant.

            The Emperor Haile Sellassie I Humanitarian Foundation is seeking  to revitalize the economy, the social fabric towards the Judeo-Christian values of thrift, inter-dependence and sustainable productivity that honors human beings as highest beings created in the image of God and as such who deserve the highest respect and partnership.  The People to People partnership we promote respects diversity of culture, faith and value systems. 

Background to current challenges

            Today, the people of Ethiopia both at home and in Diaspora are at cross roads where many of them have been displaced internally and externally.  More recently, the civil war in the north is claiming the most able and productive young males, while the women and children succumb to the scourges  of under nutrition, respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections as well as communicable diseases such as STD/HIV and malaria, whereas the  senior population are dying of tuberculosis and malaria reactivation accelerated by malnutritional immune suppression in their latter years.

            The current famine is raging in central and south eastern regions where one fifth the 60 million population are literally starving.  Experts of the region consider this the tip of the iceberg, and the reality is that almost every other person is not able to access nutritious diet to sustain a productive life.  The Ethiopian population is mainly children and youths under fifteen years of age with no productive adult males to support the family network.  The common theme of all the above diseases and famine is immune suppression and lack of infrastructure and trained manpower which depletes the populations energy resources and their vitality for productive life.

Concerns and difficulties that can be addressed

            The key concerns are human resource development, sustainable infra structure and emergency assistance from nutrition, medical care, sustainable micro enterprise, agribusiness from competent managerial training perspective.  All these problems need capital, manpower training and technological assistance, which the people desperately need.  The main concerns are lack of infrastructure and competent human manpower to deliver the goods and services to the most vulnerable communities.  The Ethiopian 2000 project has developed a series of competent people and organizations committed to provide transparent and accountable service.  Our motto is that we will be transparent and accountable for every second and cent invested in us and in our projects by setting up measurable results that are specific and effective to the changing needs of the target community.

            The Ethiopia 2000 project is committed to develop focused and accountable series or projects with defined objectives, goals and evaluation and monitoring protocols.  At present the Foundation has over 10 deserving applications.  The most critical ones include:

The Black Lion University Hospital Kitchen Renovation Project. Dr Belai/Dr Pehrson

The Emergency Medical Service Project…...Dan Stewart/Dr Sperry/Dr Pehrson/Dr Belai

The Addis Ababa Street Children and Homeless project…Sir Robert/Dr Belai/Gen Taye

Emergency Famine Relief and Medical Assistance Project….Sir Ronald/Dr Belai/ Karen Camp/Mrs Kennard

The Infectious Diseases and Communicable Diseases Prevention Project.. Sir Thomas Allred/Dr Belai/Dr Pehrson

The Orphans and destitute project…….Sir Bob/Mrs. Kennard/Gen Taye/Dr Mengesha

The Mother and Child Survival Project……..Dr Astair/Dr Belai/Dr Pehrson/ Lady Pankhust

Prevention and Early Intervention Project……..Dr Melak/Dr Belai/Dr Allred

The Education and Human Resources Development Project  Dr Melak/Mimi/Gen Taye

Scripture preservation and Eco-tourism………Dr Belai/ Dr Larson/Dr Ephraim/Cap Yohannes Ijigu/ Prof Pankhurst

Water supply and Sanitation Project………………….Tsegaye Hailu/Bethlehem

Computer and Information Technology Transfer and Training  Dr Kennard and Jennifer /Dr Belai

Sustainable Business Management Project……..Elias Belaineh/Tsegaye T/Dr Belai/Dr Kennard/Sir Edmond Voyer

Financial Planning and Business Development Fund….Sir Edmond Voyer/Dr Belai

            The following projects are chosen as they are considered the felt needs of the University Hospital community as well as the local Ethiopian Federal Government Authorities.  Undertaking these tasks will open doors for future LDS and Foundation activities as these are high profile felt needs activities that will be appreciated by all stakeholders.


Specific measurable results expected to be achieved

Objective One:

Repair of the Black Lion University Hospital Kitchen 


Results One:   Functional modern kitchen that sustains the Hospital patient’s dietary needs

Methods one:

Step One: Needs Assessment Phase

q             Identifying and costing of a activities to be undertaken

q       Repair the four walk in fridges

q       Repair of the non functioning ventilation system

q       Refurbishing of the interior , ceilings and walls

q       Request the university for a written repair plan to include estimated material and   

            Manpower needs

Step two: Implementation plan phase

q Determine availability of appropriate materials and manpower in the country and if need be seek for these resources outside the country.

q Develop protocol for processing estimates, price and time line for the work to be done

Step three: Staffing phase: Appointing relevant staff with time line and expected product

  Appoint appropriate local and external managerial and review team of the project (Black Lion Hospital Management, HS I Humanitarian Foundation staff, representative from LDS Humanitarian Services as appropriate).

  Project review and evaluation for quality of work and time lines

Step three:  Evaluation Plan One:


Develop evaluation instruments to measure progress over time. 

Step one: Needs assessment phase

Step two: Development and Process implementation phase

Step three: Evaluation and monitoring phase

Step four: Report writing and projection completion phase


q                   Objective Two:

q                   Results Two

q                   Methods Two:

q                   Evaluation Plan Two:

q       Objective three:

q       Results three:

q       Methods three:

q       Evaluation Plan three:

q       Objective four:

q       Results four:

q       Methods four:

q       Results four:


q       Objective five:

q       Results five:

q       Methods five:

q       Evaluation Plan five:

Detailed Budget Format

A.  Personnel              Level of Effort (0-1)                Salary  Range                          Total


Benefits (21%)

Total Cost

B.     Administrative



            Telephone/Fax/E-mail/Web page



            Membership to professional Associations

            Conferences and annual organizational meetings



C.     Insurance

D.    Evaluation and Audit Cost

E.     Total Cost

F.      In Direct Cost (20% of Total Cost)

H.  Grand Total Cost

Resources Requested

Category          Amount/Quantity       Material resources

                                                      Catalog number, type, description, timing, quality, etc.




Education materials

Medical equipment and supplies

Human Resources (Volunteers)


Shipping Information for in-kind materials

Shipment Delivery Street address

Potential target foundations

1.  The Allen Ashton Family Foundation

2.  Gates Foundation

3.  Netscape Foundation

4. Time Warner Foundation

5.  Ford Foundation

6.  Oprah Foundation

7.  Michael Jordan Foundation

8.  LDS (Bingham Young Foundation)

9.  Michael Jackson Foundation

10.  Steve Wonder Foundation

11.  Bill Cosby Foundation

12.  United Way Foundation

13.  World Vision Foundation

14.  Prince Charles Trust

15.  King Fahd Foundation

16.  Emperor of Japan Foundation

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