The Lion of Judah Hath Prevailed

Guiding Principles

HIM - Ethiopian Man of the Millennium


HIH - Zere Yacobe


HIM - Amha Selassie


The Imperial Family


The Imperial Chancellor


Our Vision

The Foundation is dedicated to pursue the humanitarian and progressive vision of Emperor Haile Sellassie I of Ethiopia in His role as the champion of peace, defender of the faith and His deep respect for basic human rights.

Our Mission

To raise funds, resources and technical expertise to support humanitarian activities in Ethiopia, in Diaspora and the rest of the world.

Our Strategic Goals

1.††† To develop strategic partnerships with honorable public and private institutions in the service of HIMís vision for peace, development and sustainable enterprises.

2.††††To raise resources via honorable and sustainable marketing strategies

3.††††To search for fundamental solutions that improves the future of human tragedies and development needs facing Ethiopians at home, in Diaspora and the rest of the world.

Our Strategic Objectives

1.To maintain an inter-active and productive presence in Ethiopia, Africa, the MiddleEast, Europe,Asia and the Americas (North, Caribbean and South).

2.††† To raise enough funds from public and private enterprises as early as possible to begin supporting sustainable humanitarian and development activities in the area of:

2.1††††††† Sustaining and preserving nuclear and extended families and their social values as the epicenter of human interactions.

2.2††††††† Skill based educational and cultural activities that preserve Ethiopiaís unique identify, civilization, nation state and historical heritage as the oldest mother of the human race.

2.3††††††† Public health, social andeconomic enterprise that sustains a productive and proactive human resource potential that places Ethiopia at the helm of HIMís vision and mission.

2.4††††††† Seeking an active partnership with individuals and institutions that have direct and indirect link with Ethiopia, HIM and His vision for humanitarian activities.

Our Strategic Activities

1.1 Initiate contact with Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia in Africa, Middle East, Europe, Israel, Americas, etc.
1.2Initiate a business and corporate office in Metropolitan Washington DC area, Utah, Jerusalem, Addis Ababa, London, Brussels, the Caribbeanand Rio De Janeiro.
1.3Develop an article of incorporation, by laws, business plan and strategic plan for 10 years and time line and projections.
1.4Initiate Development Enterprises Centers and partnerships with key public and private institutions.

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Guiding Principles


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