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The HS I Humanitarian Foundation is seeking resources and donations to our Ethiopia 2000 Project dedicated to serving the emergency and long term needs of the people of Ethiopia at home and Diaspora.

q       Emergency Relief and Medical Assistance Fund

q       The Orphans and Vulnerable Populations Fund

q       The Emergency Medical Service Fund

q       Skill based Education and Human Resource Development Fund

q       Primary Health Care and Child Survival Fund

q       Ethiopia 2000 Famine Relief Fund

q       Ethiopia Communities Development Council Fund

q       Sustainable Development and Micro Enterprise Fund

q       Prevention and Early Intervention Fund

q       Business Development and management

q       Holy Scripture Preservation and the Ark of the Covenant Fund

q       Emperor Haile Sellassie I Memorial, Peace and Humanitarian Fund

q       Preservation of Historical Heritage and Eco-tourism Fund

q       People to People Fund

q       Communicable Disease Prevention Fund (HIV/AIDS/Malaria/Tuberculoses, STD, etc)

q       Chivalric and Charitable Orders Fund

q       Inter-faith Dialogue, Security and Peace Fund

q       Cancer, Disease, Disability and Injury Prevention Fund

People to People Partnership

Partners and donors can give in kind or cash donations as well as institutional capacity building or technical assistance resources as the Spirit moves you.  All our associates will provide you with our official Ethiopia 2000 and SMOTJ tax deductible donation receipts.  You can chose any one of the following methods of assistance:

q       Gifts ………..$10/20/40/$$60/$100/$500/$1,000/$5,000/$10,000/$100,000

q       Partnerships……….Individual/Community/Corporate/Organizational    

q       Volunteer Associations……………..Part time/Full Time

q       Capacity building efforts….Institutional capacity/human resources/capital development

q       Technical assistance……..     Training/Development/Evaluation/Networking

q       Fund raising……………Marketing/Speaking engagement/audio-visual/press/churches

q       Marketing and business development       

For further information and long term partnership, please do not hesitate to contact our offices at:

The Ethiopia 2000 Project
Haile Sellassie I Humanitarian Foundation
Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem
P.O.Box 704
Roosevelt, Utah, 84066
P.O.Box 11193
Alexandria, Virginia 22312

E-mail: Belai Habte-Jesus & Steven Clark


Organization    ______________________________________________

Street number:_____________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________________________________________

State: ____________________________________________________________________

Zip Code:________________________





Would you like to contribute by

q       Visa

q       Master Card

q       Discover Card

q       American Express

q       Others_______________

q       Card No

q       Expiry Date

q       Signature______________________

q       Amount in $___________________


Your Area of Interest

q                   Emergency Assistance

q                   Famine Relief

q                   Primary Health Care

q                   Emergency Medical Service  Development  

q                   Prevention and Early Intervention

q                   Sustainable Development Programs

q                   Business and Micro-Enterprise development

q                   Education and Human Resource development

q                   Cultural and Eco-Tourism

q                   Historical and Scriptural Heritage Preservation

q                   Computer training and electronic communication

q                   Spiritual development ministries

q                   Networking with public and private sector

q                   Others, please specify:

Your availability

Month                         Dates                                      

q                   January

q                   February

q                   March

q                   April

q                   May

q                   June

q                   July

q                   August

q                   September

q                   October

q                   November

q                   December

Names and Contact address of potential partners you suggest

q       Name

q       Organization or affiliation:

q       Street number:

q       Zip Code number:

q       Telephone number:

q       Facsimile number:

q       E-mail address:

q       Web address

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