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HIM defines a true leader as:

q       A true leader is one who realizes by faith that he is an instrument in the hands of God, And dedicates himself or herself to be a guide and inspirer of the nobler sentiments and     inspirations of the people.

A leader will kindle interest, teach, aid, correct and inspire.

q       Those whom He or She leads will co-operate with him in maintaining discipline for the good of the group.

q       He or She will instruct his or her followers in the goals towards which to strive and create in him or her a sense of mutual effort for attaining the goal.

q       There is no power on earth, that can take a clerk from his desk, or a mechanic from his bench, and easily mold him or her into a leader. 

q       To develop oneself,. One has to develop one’s own initiative and perseverance—a man has to strive in order to grow.

To Ethiopian and Diaspora intellectuals:

q       As educated people, you will be looked up to, and much will be expected of you.

q       You will be regarded and rightly so, as those who have the necessary knowledge and ability to inspire, to guide and to lead.

q       It is for this reason that we expect from you to whom we have given the opportunity of education in your chosen field, great and productive service to Our country.

A Good Leader:

q       A good leader is devoted to his work and will willingly forego even the demands of sleep to see its accomplishments.

q       Dedication does not mean that he is impetuous.  On the other hand, he or she maintains a balance between emotional drive and sound thinking.

q       His labors, which sometimes appear excessive, derive from his firm realization that unless a man undertakes more than he can possible do he will never be able to do all he can do.  It is his enthusiasm that stimulates his energy.

A leader inspires

q       No matter what our point of departure in speaking of leadership, we reach the inescapable conclusion that the art of leadership consists in the ability to make people want to work for you, when they are really under no obligation to do so.

Selected speeches of HIM Haile Sellassie I, July 17, 1959; page 17.

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